Will Kingdom come back on Netflix?


Netflix surprised us a little over two years ago with a South Korean series. It was called Kingdom. Having met a certain success and was renewed for a second season. Then, it was a dead letter and no announcement was made...

But now Netflix releases a mysterious trailer that raises many questions among fans of the series. It had been more than a year since nothing had been announced and we began to wonder what were the intentions of Netflix for the future of this atypical series. We find a prince who is trying to find the origin of a strange epidemic that transforms the dead. All this, against the background of a kingdom in crisis (famine, corruption, war, etc.).

The published trailer is, in this case, that of a spin-off and not the main series. For the latter, we learned that the prod would renew it for a third season. But no official release date has been announced so far.

The spin-off will, presumably, take the form of an intermediate episode. From what we already know, it will focus on the origin of the epidemic and the birth of the undead that haunt the kingdom. We will also learn more about Jun Ji Hyun and the war he is fighting as well as the heir of the Yeojin tribe.

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Entitled Ashin of the North, this episode should give some answers to the many questions raised by the series. On the timeline, it will take place just before the final episode of season 2.

The episode will be available from July 23, 2021 on the streaming platform.