Our father to all: the story of an unethical doctor

Our father to all

You did not get your dose with theTinder scammer, Inventing Anna or Jimmy Savile ? Well, Netflix is going to give you another layer! For the record, we're closer to Jimmy Savile than to Anna or the vegan restaurants...

This is the story of a doctor who was in the news a few years ago. His crime? No one knows exactly how far he goes. But let's go back in time... By doing a DNA test, Jacoba Ballard discovers that she doesn't have one or two brothers or sisters. But 7! Even for half-siblings, that's a lot! It is even statistically impossible when you know that she was born by artificial insemination. Because the practices in the treatments of infertility prohibit to have a too frequent donor.

From this, the trail leads back to Dr. Cline, an infertility specialist consulted by her parents. The man used his own sperm to inseminate his patients. Many... Nobody knows the exact number of his victims... Except him!

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