Warren Jeffs, new source for a Netflix documentary

Keep Sweet, Pray and Be Quiet

Entitled Keep Sweet, Pray and Be Quiet, the documentary follows the life of Warrren Jeffs. For us Europeans, the name doesn't mean anything at all. But in the United States, the name of the man is known to all, like Charles Manson or Sam son of Man.

Even if Warren Jeffs is not a serial killer, he still has quite a few horrors in his past. Just like Jimmy Savile in Great Britain or this doctor of fertility.

It all begins in 2008, or rather ends, when law enforcement raids the Yearning for Zion Ranch. It is there, in West Texas, that a "church", or rather a sect, is located. Inside, there are scenes of horror, made of sexual abuse and other physical and psychological violence. In total, 400 children were placed under state guardianship.

In this picture, Warren Jeffs is the all-powerful guru of the sect, polygamist by the way and self-proclaimed prophet. To make his sect prosper, he did not hesitate to perform forced marriages followed by unwanted pregnancies. Despite this, the crowds continued to cheer their leader.

Beyond the sinister atmosphere that emanates from this documentary series, we still see some light. This is the case for those people who managed to escape from the cult and get out of it.

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