Detailing: training in car detailing

automotive detailling

Automotive design or detailing requires a thorough knowledge of the automotive world, both mechanically and in terms of appearance. It consists of defining the contours of a vehicle, choosing materials and proposing aerodynamic models.

Why should you take a detailing course?

Follow a training for the detailing profession is beneficial in many ways. Automotive detailing can be a very rewarding career. You get to work on the interior and exterior of vehicles and you are responsible for the quality of the cars. If you are a good auto detailer, you can have a store where you work with individual customers. You can also work for car shows and dealerships to help them make their vehicles look great.

Auto detailing: why is it done?

You may have bought a very nice, high-end used car, or a classic car, but with small defects on the bodywork. Or you may own an obsolete car, which clearly shows signs of age, but it is not yet time to change it for various reasons. You may decide to go to the body shop and ask for some kind of refreshment of the car, to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Until recently, the only treatment that saved this type of situation was polishing, but today there is automotive detailing. In particular, it is a set of processes and treatments that serve precisely to take care of the car in a very meticulous way, in the smallest details, as the name of the technique indicates. The person who carries out this type of intervention eliminates even almost imperceptible imperfections.

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automotive detailing: what does it involve?

With this special technique of car detailing, the expert takes care of the elimination of stains of all kinds. He proceeds to the sanding and finally to the elimination of scratches. The body shop also takes care of the deep cleaning of the car, the protection and sanitation of the interior and exterior. 

He decontaminates and protects the glass, then proceeds to the maintenance of the plastics and the protection of the engine compartment and the wheels. Everything is done meticulously. These are meticulous interventions. It's almost an art. Car detailing is not only about aesthetics. It also serves to restore the original characteristics of a car and to preserve them as long as possible over time.

The services are very varied. The detailing professions include:

  • the polishing trade,
  • the leather trade,
  • and the automotive sanding business.

The most sought after automotive detailing services


There's nothing better than having the paint protected from damage. Therefore, one of the biggest trends in automotive detailing today is glass coating, also known as ceramic coating. This protective coating prevents weathering and residue from damaging the paint on a daily basis. 

The ceramic protection is also water repellent. This means that your car will not get rain, dust or mud on it, because water droplets will run off more easily and dirt will not be able to adhere. This way, it is even possible to save water when washing and keep it clean longer.

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In addition, sealing also adds shine, keeping that new car look. 


Deep cleaning, especially when combined with detailing, is one of the hallmarks of automotive detailing. With state-of-the-art equipment and a lot of technique, the professionals remove even the most imperceptible dirt that bothers drivers. 

Used car owners opt for this service to remove stubborn dirt left behind by the previous owner. Another popular service is cleaning the engine with a steam machine. This technique avoids compromising the electrical part and removes mineral residues.

Technical polishing

Hygienization can also be combined with a technical polishing that renews the bodywork and gives more shine to the paint. This process is performed after washing and decontamination.

The professional assesses the condition of the paint and removes stains, light scratches and contaminants, as well as leveling the varnish. The job ends with the polishing and protection steps. This service is more complete than regular polishing, which focuses on the finish.

Why is automotive design important?

Let's face it: driving a car in perfect condition is a lot more fun than driving a dirty, poorly maintained car. If that's not enough to convince you to get a car detailing, we'll give you a few more reasons why you should do it.

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Detailing preserves the life of the car Automotive detailing removes contaminants that can damage vehicle materials such as leather and paint.

It decreases the amortization For those looking to sell the vehicle, auto detailing is an excellent idea. Just as it preserves the elements of the vehicle, it also prevents your car from being devalued at the time of the offer.

It improves engine performance Car detailing: thanks to car detailing, your car's engine gets a thorough cleaning that removes all the impurities and possible leaks present in the engine. This way, you end up ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and with better performance on the road.

Training for the automotive detailing industry

Now that you know more about the importance of auto detailing, how about investing in specific training in this field? With this, you will be able to attract and retain a new clientele, in addition to getting ahead of the competition. Well, and for those who are interested in the subject and are looking for an auto detailing course to specialize in the segment, choose a good training for the detailing profession

In addition to offering a comprehensive course in this field, this website also has a realistic approach to the daily life of professionals working in the field. Thus, students have the opportunity to share practical experiences that consolidate theoretical knowledge. In addition, it offers information-rich teaching materials, service sales techniques and technical support even after the course is over.