Who is Elizabeth Olsen?


Elizabeth Olsen is an actress born in 1989 in California and is best known for her recent role in WandaVision. She plays the dual character Wanda Maximoff / The Red Witch. She plays alongside Paul Bettany (Vision). Well, she plays... Let's say she creates a sitcom universe with Vision, this one having died in the MCU universe after Thanos took the stones.

But her filmography does not stop there, far from it. At just 32 years old, she already has a busy career... In fact, of the siblings, she is the least known. And yes, if you had not understood, she is the sister of the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who pulverized the screens during the 1990s and early 2000 with their sitcom The Twins get involved. She remained for a long time in their shadow, even if in 1994, she launched her acting career in the film of her sisters.

Elizabeth is the sister of the twins

It is only from 2011 that her career really begins with appearances in various films. First small roles until a confirmation of her status as an actress through a role in the MCU universe. And when you enter the MCU, it is usually to stay. Marvel offers her the role of Wanda that she will interpret several times. Once in the Winter Soldier, then in Ultron's Era, Captain American Civil War and finally Infinity War / Endgame.

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From there, she gets her own spin-off series that allows her character to be developed in the MCU universe through the SVOD platform Disney+.

Soon, we should see her appear in the next Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange in the Universe of Madness, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.