Who is Iliza Schlesinger?

Iliza Schlesinger

You may have seen her in one of Netflix's latest original films, Good on Paper. Iliza (pronounced Elisa) Schlesinger is an American comedian who is slowly making her way into the streaming giant's catalog.

At 38 years old, born on February 22, 1983 in New York, Iliza Schlesinger already has a busy career. A fan of the stage and comedy, she has done all of her studies with this in mind and has earned a degree in performing arts.

But what revealed him to the American public was an American television show on NBC. The title of the show was Last Comic Standing, a talent show that can be compared to France a unbelievable talent. As the weeks go by, the comedians compete against each other until there is only one left. She won the 2008 season.

Iliza Schlesinger, a Netflix value

It has been more than ten years, and during all these years, she has come a long way...

It is worth noting that his career has been built on his shows being broadcast on Netflix. His first show, War Paint was released on Netflix only 9 months after the premiere on the boards. The same was true for Freezing Hot, Confirmed Kills, Elder Millenial and Unveiled. After a string of shows, she is slowly moving into movies. There is a show every two years on average since 2012

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For this reconversion, she can again count on Netflix. Indeed, the giant found her a role in Spencer Confidential and then Pieces of a Woman, released in 2020. And in 2021, she is offered a production by Netflix, which apparently bets a lot on her. In this case, it is Good on Paper. A comedy where she plays the lead role in addition to being a writer and producer ...


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