Amazon Prime Video gets its hands on Ligue 1

league 1 amazon

Until now, the historical broadcasters of the Ligue 1 have always been Canal+ or more recently BeIn Sports. It was a bit of a preserve for them. But now, the Professional Football League has decided to give the rights to another broadcaster: Amazon Prime Video!

The announcement was received lukewarmly by the two other broadcasters. Or even coldly. It must be said that Canal+ had been hoping for a redistribution of broadcasting rights for some time to its benefit. But this new announcement surprised them even more. With 80 % of the games granted to Amazon Prime Video, there is not much left to get excited about. Moreover, Canal+ has decided to stop broadcasting the championship matches to protest against this choice. A choice that the encrypted channel has also decided to challenge through legal channels, even if it seems quite complicated to justify.

Amazon Prime Video gets its hands on the rights to Ligue 1

On the side of BeIn, which arrived more recently, the announcement does not necessarily please either, but "it's part of the game. For the sports channel, there are plenty of other events on which it is possible to catch up, in the short term with the Olympics and the Euro, and for next year, there remains the European competitions that attract many subscribers.

Concerning the broadcasting of the games, nothing is yet clearly defined... Indeed, Amazon Prime Video will work on the broadcasting device of the games. The price and the method to watch the games will also be announced in the wake.

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