Amazon Prime Video: what's new in May

Amzon Prime Video news

Amazon Prime Video continues to add new titles to its catalog. The goal is obviously to satisfy its subscribers' desire for new releases and movies and to offer them attractive content. That's why Prime Video's new releases and exclusives add up to quite a few broadcast rights purchases.

Alien: Resurrection

Since a long time, the Aliens have finished making us dream, with a Prometheus in half-tone and a sequel even less interesting, the last fans have lost the thread of the story. And yet, this series of films was so good. That's why Alien is back on Prime Video with its Resurrection opus. We find Sigourney Weaver, in prey with an alien. Something to put us back in the gloomy atmosphere! The story takes place 200 years after the last events. It's not even Ripley anymore, but her clone that we have in front of us, replicated by scientists who have forgotten why we should be so wary of aliens.

The Da Vinci Code

A bestseller at first, the rights were bought to be transposed to the screen. We like this adaptation with Tom Hanks in the main role. And rather well supported by a local actress. The story does not deviate from the book. There will not be many surprises for those who have read it, but we appreciate the way the director has managed to transpose the enigmas into images, but also the original atmosphere of the books!

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The new Prime Video series for April 2021

  • Solos (mini-series): May 28
  • Panic (Season 1): May 28
  • The Underground Railroad (Season 1): May 14

New Prime Video movies for April 2021

  • Alien: Resurrection : the 1er May
  • Extraterrestrial 3 : the 1er May
  • Extraterrestrials : the 1er May
  • Almost known: the 1er May
  • Angels : the 1er May
  • Betrayed: the 1er May
  • Leap: the 1er May
  • Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo: 1er May
  • Dinosaur 13: the 1er May
  • Fascination: the 1er May
  • Flight : the 1ster May
  • Flight plan : the 1er May
  • Georgia rule: the 1er May
  • Green zone: the 1er May
  • Gunsight Ridge: the 1er May
  • Hidalgo: the 1er May
  • How Stella got her groove back : the 1er May
  • Jumping the broom: the 1er May
  • Knowledge: the 1er May
  • Leather heads: the 1er May
  • Nanny Mcphee : the 1er May
  • Nanny McPhee is back : the 1er May
  • A beautiful day: the 1ster May
  • Priest : the 1er May
  • Reign of fire: the 1er May
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse : the 1er May
  • Resident Evil : the 1er May
  • Rio: 1er May
  • Sahara: the 1er May
  • The perfume of a woman : the 1er May
  • See no evil hear no evil: the 1er May
  • Shattered: the 1er May
  • The age of Adaline : the 1er May
  • Dalton's daughters : the 1er May
  • The Da Vinci Code: 1er May
  • The French connection: the 1er May
  • The Green Hornet: the 1er May
  • The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia: 1er May
  • The Indian in the closet : the 1er May
  • The Ladykillers : the 1er May
  • The men who watch the goats : the 1er May
  • The foreigner: the 1er May
  • The secret life of bees : the 1er May
  • The sixth sense: the 1er May
  • The sweetest thing: the 1er May
  • The imposing hell: the 1er May
  • Two for the money: 1er May
  • Unbreakable: the 1er May
  • Advantageous position: the 1er May
  • The boy from Medellín: May 7
  • Breach: May 7
  • Red Dawn: May 19
  • Trumbo: May 19
  • P! Nk: All I know so far: May 21