Amazon Prime Video: what's new for December 2021

Amzon Prime Video news

This month, Amazon Prime Video adds a little less content than the previous months, but the quality is there! Indeed, with seasons like The Expanse season 6 or even the first episodes of The Good Doctor, the streaming platform intends to put the giant of the industry in the shade!

The Good Doctor, season 4

Netflix has just acquired the broadcasting rights of the first three seasons. However, Amazon Prime Video is offering the fourth season to its subscribers. New episodes still unpublished on other platforms and which will not fail to attract those who are fans of the series.

The Expanse, season 6

The successful series is slowly coming to an end. Indeed, Amazon Prime Video has announced that there will be no season 7. Still, 6 seasons for a series that was almost canceled is not bad. Fans can thank the platform for having collected the production on its platform while giving it a sequel. Netflix must be biting its fingers to have dropped this contract ...

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New Amazon Prime Video series for December 2021

  • Where is Charlie? (season 2) : the 1er December
  • The Good Doctor (season 4) : the 1er December
  • Harlem (season 1): December 3
  • Revenge (unabridged): December 6
  • Bayern Munich: Beyond the Legend (Season 1): December 8
  • The Ferragnez: the series (season 1): December 10
  • Tampa Baes (season 1): December 10
  • The Expanse (season 6): December 10
  • The Grand Tour (season 4 - part 2): December 17

 New Amazon Prime Video movies for December 2021

  • Paddington : the 1er December
  • Ace Ventura: the 1er December
  • Ace Ventura 2 : the 1er December
  • Les Valseuses : the 1er December
  • Get your tissues ready: the 1er December
  • Gibraltar : the 1er December
  • Controlling Britney Spears: December 2
  • Haters December 3
  • The Widows: December 3
  • Sir: December 3
  • Fatman: December 6
  • Tulip Fever: December 8
  • Encounter: December 10
  • Copshop: December 13
  • Gaspard Proust is on the prowl: December 15
  • Gaspard Proust, last show: December 15
  • Christmas is cancelled: December 16
  • The man who invented Christmas: December 20
  • Being the Ricardos: December 21
  • The Protégé: December 27
  • BumbleBee: December 29