Amazon Prime Video: what's new in December 2022

Amzon Prime Video news

Amazon Prime continues to cavort behind Netflix. That's why, again this month, the platform has decided to release a ton of new content. For better or for worse. Indeed, the mass of films added are not own productions, but bought broadcast rights. Sometimes, they are old movies that we will appreciate to see again. Sometimes, they are films that we could have done without. Whether it's Ace Ventura, Basic Instinct, The Ring or The Cave, we have nothing to reproach them. Except that it is nothing new. That said, it is sometimes very good too!

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan returns for a third season on the Amazon Prime Video platform. It will be the occasion to see John Krasinski in his favorite role. In this third season, the best spy of the small screen will have a lot to do. If we remember well, compromising images had leaked in the press. In response to this, President Reyes decided to close the polls, thus arousing the ire of the crowd. Jack still had to rescue Greer, who was being held inside the palace, but nothing was won. With the return of new episodes, we will be able to stay in suspense a few more evenings!

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Justice League: Action

No respite for the Justice League which comes back here in the form of an animated series for children. We find all the heroes of the DC Comics: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Adam, and the villains like the Joker! The heroes will have to protect the world against the villains, a simple scheme, but which hits every time! This first season contains 52 episodes of 10-12 minutes. The same format as Teen Titans, whose 5 seasons are released on the same day. Namely: December 30.

The new Amazon Prime Video series for December 2022

  • Last news (season 2) : the 1er December
  • NYPD Blue (seasons 1-12): the 1ster December
  • Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Season 3): December 21
  • Chuck (Seasons 1-5): December 30
  • Justice League Action (Season 1): December 30
  • Teen Titans (Seasons 1-5): December 30
  • The Mysteries of Laura (Seasons 1-2): December 30
  • Trial and error (seasons 1-2): December 2-30

New Amazon Prime Video movies for December 2022

  • 2 days in New York : the 1ster December
  • Ace Ventura: When nature calls: the 1ster December
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven 2: The 1er December
  • Basic Instinct : the 1er December
  • Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction: 1er December
  • Condom : the 1er December
  • Case 39: the 1er December
  • Cloverfield : the 1er December
  • Dead again: the 1er December
  • Dirty rotten scoundrels: the 1er December
  • Eat, Pray, Love: 1er December
  • Eight men out: 1er December
  • Elizabethville: the 1ster December
  • Escape to Los Angeles: the 1er December
  • Head of State: 1er December
  • Robbery : the 1er December
  • Hotel Transylvania : the 1er December
  • I would like: the 1er December
  • Igby falls : the 1er December
  • Pivot: the 1er December
  • A series of unfortunate events: 1er December
  • Letters to Juliet : the 1er December
  • Frankenstein : the 1er December
  • Muppets from space : the 1er December
  • Never go backwards: the 1er December
  • Nine lives: 1er December
  • Ordinary people : the 1er December
  • Paper moon : the 1er December
  • Paranormal activity: 1er December
  • Pet cemetery: 1er December
  • Push: the 1er December
  • Saturday Night Fever: 1er December
  • Super bad : the 1er December
  • 40 years old, still a virgin : the 1er December
  • The Grotto : the 1er December
  • The day after: 1er December
  • The doors: the 1er December
  • Honeymoons : the 1ster December
  • The Man in the Iron Mask: 1er December
  • The Mandchurian Candidate : the 1er December
  • The Muppets Take Manhattan: The 1ster December
  • The proposal: the 1er December
  • The pursuit of happiness: 1er December
  • The Quiet Man: 1er December
  • The Circle : the 1er December
  • The Smurfs : the 1er December
  • The Smurfs 2 : the 1er December
  • The wish: the 1er December
  • Thelma and Louise : the 1er December
  • Thief : the 1er December
  • To catch a thief: 1er December
  • Tower robbery : the 1ster December
  • Real grain: the 1er December
  • Walking high: the 1er December
  • The young Sherlock Holmes : the 1er December
  • Zoolander : the 1er December
  • Zoolander No. 2: the Magnum edition: the 1er December
  • Wealth: December 2
  • Three Pines: December 2
  • Your Christmas or mine? December 2
  • A unicorn for Christmas: December 3
  • Celeste and Jesse forever: December 5
  • A bit like Christmas: December 6
  • La La Land: December 8
  • The villain: December 8
  • Hawa: December 9
  • Something from Tiffany: December 9
  • The Three Wise Men versus Santa Claus: December 9
  • The cabin: December 10
  • Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge: December 13
  • The Black Phone: December 13
  • Transformers: The Age of Extinction: December 13
  • LOL: Last One Laughing Mexico, Season 5: December 16
  • About destiny: December 16
  • Nanny: December 16
  • Unexpected expectation: December 16
  • When hope calls for Christmas: December 20
  • Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank: December 29
  • Wildcat: December 30

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