Amazon Prime Video: what's new in October 2022

Amzon Prime Video news

Amazon Prime Video is a big machine. So, even if the month of October turns out to be a little hollow, it's the ideal opportunity to make up the difference with its long-time rival: Netflix. As a result, we see a lot of titles appearing on the American platform. A lot of already known content, but also a lot of new content, original and exclusive, some of which stand out for their originality and quality.

Gemini Man

In October, it is rarely beautiful outside. The weather is rather gloomy and the days are getting shorter. So why not watch a good Hollywood blockbuster. With Will Smith and what's more! Gemini Man is the story of a very talented agent, but at the end of his career. He knows too much and generally, in this business, you don't retire. At least not in the way the average person would expect. That's why, in order to live, he'll have to get rid of an assassin on his tail. Only problem. The one who wants to kill him is himself. Or rather, a younger clone of him.

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The infidels

No need to wonder what the film is about, the title is quite evocative. French comedy and drama at the same time, the title brings together a pair that we enjoy seeing on screen. It is, in this case, Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche. The two companions are notorious infidels. For them, going out rhymes with fucking. And better, without tomorrow, to be able to start again as soon as possible. The film embarks us in their stories to hide their knives to their companions. Beyond the purely comic aspect of the film and the sex shots, the director also explores this friendship between two lifelong friends.

New series on Amazon Prime Video in October 2022

  • Top Gear (Seasons 20 to 22) : the 1er October
  • Top Gear: India & Patagonia: 1er October
  • Chicago PD (Seasons 1 to 7) : the 1er October
  • Veronica Mars (Season 4): October 2
  • Darknet-sur-Mer : October 7th
  • Animal Kingdom (Seasons 5 to 6): October 9
  • Mom (Season 8): October 20

New Amazon Prime Video movies for October 2022

  • The Descent 1 & 2 : the 1er October
  • Django, with Reda Kateb : the 1ster October
  • The Little Stranger : the 1er October
  • Gemini Man: October 3
  • The Sound of 007: October 5
  • Catherine Called Birdy: October 7
  • Associated Scammers: October 10
  • Les infidèles, with Jean Dujardin: October 14
  • The hill has eyes: October 15
  • The Hill Has Eyes 2: October 15
  • The Holiday: October 15
  • Ligue 1: PSG - OM: October 16
  • Queens, with J-Lo: October 18
  • Peripherals: Flynn's Worlds: October 21
  • Argentina, 1985: October 21
  • Jarry: October 21
  • The Devil's Hour: October 28
  • Run Sweetheart Run: October 28
  • Matchday FC Barcelona - A new era: October 31