Disney+ Star: the new platform

Disney Star

Launched with great fanfare just a few days ago, Star is the new universe available in Disney+. It must be said that in one year, the platform has come a long way. It landed on April 7 and benefited from the containment to gain many subscribers. But its catalog has struggled to meet the voracity of some users, with releases being rarer than on Netflix.

However, can we really blame him when we see the masterpieces in his catalog? Not really...

To help users find their way around, Disney+ has wisely classified the films and series by universe, a bit like in its theme parks. Until today, we had the following universes

  • Disney that contains the great classics
  • Pixar, where we find nuggets like Ratatouille and Toy Story
  • Marvel, with its entire MCU universe
  • Star Wars, with all its universe
  • And National Geographic
Disney+ adds a new universe to its platform

To these is added Star since February 23. This section of the site contains films for a more informed public, and therefore comes with better parental controls on the whole platform. So much the better!

What does it propose to us?

Among the titles that we find there, there is frankly everything. Impossible to mention everything. Alien, Titanic, Desperate Housewives and many others. There are more than 40 complete series and 250 films. All of them from the American channels of the group (Disney TV Studios, ABC, 20th Century, FX). In addition to this, there are new series (e.g. Big Sky) which precede the group's own productions which will enrich the catalog over time.

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Finally, Disney intends to acquire the rights to the French series Clem, Papa ou Maman, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça, etc.

To get Star, there's nothing to do. That's the best part. The icon automatically appears next to the National Geographic icon. And on smartphones, an update to the app allows you to get it.

On the other hand, this arrival comes with an increase in the subscription of 2 € per month. 8.99 € instead of 6.99 €.