Disney+: what's new in April 2022

Disney + release

Disney+ continues to grow in March and expects to do the same in April. The platform is slowly gaining subscribers and is beginning to establish itself as a major streaming player. To consolidate its position, it can count on franchises like Star Wars and the MCU. But these are not its only assets. With movies from Paramount, it has plenty of titles to add to its catalog. This month, in addition to original series and movies, feature films like Marley & Me are making their appearance.

Single Drunk Female

In this new series, Disney+ introduces us to Samantha Fink. Samantha Fink is a young woman in her twenties. She has one big problem: alcohol. This leads her to serious problems, and even to the risk of prison. In order to avoid this (dis)maturity and to get back on track, she decides to get sober. Except that sobriety is not as simple as that! To get back on track, she also decides to return to her mother's home in Boston, even though her relationship with her is complicated. That said, she takes this new beginning as an opportunity and approaches the difficulties with humor.

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The successful French series is coming to the American platform thanks to a purchase of the broadcasting rights. In this series, the heroine is played by Audrey Fleurot, who was also seen in her own role in 10 Percent.

A single mother, an investigator in her spare time, she becomes a consultant for the police in the hope that they will give her information about her missing brother. She will therefore help investigators to find the culprits, not without a touch of sarcasm. Even if the consultant theme is not new (Castle, Sherlock, etc.), HPI brings a breath of fresh air.

New series available on Disney+ in April 2022

  • Single Drunk Female: April 6
  • Alternative Therapy: April 6
  • Les Chefs toqués (seasons 1 and 2): April 6
  • PJ Masks Music Videos: April 6
  • The Killing (seasons 1 to 4): April 13
  • Ice Age: The Adventures of Scrat: April 13
  • I promise: April 13
  • HPI: April 13
  • The Kardashians: April 14
  • The Dropout: April 20
  • Homeland (seasons 1 to 8): April 20
  • Dollface (season 2): April 27
  • The Practice (seasons 1 and 2): April 27

New movies available on Disney+ in April 2022

  • Dumbo : the 1er April
  • Chinese puzzle : the 1er April
  • The Spanish Inn : the 1er April
  • Nate's World : the 1er April
  • My share of the cake: 1er April
  • The Russian dolls : the 1er April
  • Paris: 1er April
  • Do you know why I jump? : the 1er April
  • India: animal sanctuary: April 6
  • Sex Nerd : April 8
  • Delivery Man: April 8
  • Chronicle of a scandal: April 8
  • Avengers : Endgame : April 8
  • My King: April 8
  • The Ignorant Angels: April 13
  • Superstructures: Technological Wonders: April 13
  • The Lion King: April 15
  • Love, and other drugs: April 15
  • Marley and I: April 15
  • Narco Wars (seasons 1 and 2): April 20
  • Captive Audience: April 21
  • Ultimate Tutankhamun: April 22
  • Explore: the last tepui: April 22
  • The Biggest Little Farm: The Return: April 22
  • Polar Bear: April 22
  • Witness: April 22
  • Crush: April 29
  • Mission orangutans: April 29
  • Assassin's Creed: April 29
  • Daredevil: April 29
  • Best enemies: April 29