Disney+ : the new releases for August 2022

Disney + release

For this month of August, Disney+ is betting heavily on its two big franchises it owns: Marvel and Star Wars. By dint of adding content to these universes, the two franchises are starting to look more and more like cash cows. But does it take more to make subscribers happy? Not really. That's why they're adding series that are released throughout August. My name is Groot and She-Hulk will be added to the MCU while Andor will follow the life of Cassian Andor as he spies for the Rebels!


Andor is Cassian Andor. A few years before the events of Rogue One, Cassian is a spy for the Rebel Alliance. The Alliance is not yet fully formed and is beginning to exist in opposition to the Galactic Empire. Throughout its 12 episodes, the series will make us live this troubled period in a different way. What's more, the series is produced by the director of Rogue One, which promises to offer a nice continuity. However, we will have to wait until August 31 to discover the first 2 episodes.


She-Hulk follows the career of a lawyer specializing in superhero law. As we know, in the Marvel universe, superheroes are commonplace in public life. So it makes sense to have lawyers who specialize in this area. Except this one is a little different. She also has powers, like Hullk.

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For the occasion, we find Mark Ruffalo in his role of Hulk, a good surprise! As well as Tim Roth who takes on the role of Emil Blonsky / Abomination!


Released in 2019, the film is similar to a biopic of the famous writer. But before being a writer, JRR Tolkien had another life, that of a soldier. During the Battle of the Somme, he was himself wounded. Many elements of the Lord of the Rings are directly taken from the situation in Europe at the beginning of the last century. If Mordor is in the East, it is because Germany is in the East of the continent... However, the biopic mainly focuses on the youth of the writer, long before he started to write the first sentence of Bilbo the Hobbit.

The new Disney+ series of August 2022

  • American Crime Story (seasons 1 and 2): August 3
  • Code Black (seasons 1 to 3): August 3
  • My name is Groot: August 10
  • Bluey (season 3): August 10
  • She-Hulk : Lawyer : August 10-7
  • 9-1-1 (season 4): August 17
  • Portraits of stars: August 24
  • Blackish (season 8): August 24
  • Wu-Tang: An American Saga (season 2): August 24
  • Andor: August 31
  • American Horror Story: Double Feature: August 31

The new Disney+ movies of August 2022

  • The Hot Zone (season 2) [doc]: August 3
  • Lego Star Wars: It's Summer: August 3
  • The Manhattan Counterfeiters: August 3
  • Prey: August 3
  • Lego Star Wars: It's Summer: August 3
  • The Manhattan Counterfeiters: August 3
  • La Boum : August 3rd
  • La Boum 2: August 3
  • The student: August 3
  • I prefer to remain friends: August 3
  • Patients: August 3
  • La French: August 3
  • Jojo Rabbit: August 12
  • Drain the Oceans: The Mississippi River & Arctic: August 12 War (season 1) [doc]: August 12
  • Night and Day: August 19
  • Aquatic Life: August 19
  • Colombiana: August 19
  • Pablo Escobar, the drug empire (doc): August 19
  • AZF : au coeur du chaos (doc) : August 19
  • Fearless: The True Story of AFLW (doc): August 24
  • Heat: August 26
  • Chocolate: August 26
  • Tolkien: August 26
  • The Incognitos: August 26
  • Europe from the sky (doc): August 31
  • The Road to Hell: Norway (season 6) [doc]: August 31