How to contact Apple + easily ?

contact apple

Over the years, Apple has become a sprawling company with a thousand products. So it stands to reason that their support in case of problems is up to the task. Here's how to get in touch with the Apple +.

Via social networks

The Apple + is present on social networks. At last count, the page had more than 28 million likes. This means that the community is huge and that the community managers are present at all times.

  • The Facebook page:
  • The Twitter account: @applesupport
It is easy to reach Apple + support

Via the Help Center

The Apple Help Center can be found on this page: It is a generic page that lists all the products of the brand. Simply select the Apple TV icon. From there, the assistance unrolls a menu that allows you to select the various categories of support :

  • Forgot your login or password
  • Billing problem
  • Questions about apps
  • Streaming
  • The settings

If the problem is not listed, you can describe it. You are then redirected to the call page

Via a call

The Apple TV+ support call is available in 3 ways:

  • Directly. You leave your contact information and the assistance calls you back. With waiting time indicator !
  • Scheduling. You schedule an appointment for a support call.
  • Later on. You leave your message and contact information and you can call whenever you want. The Apple brand will already have all the useful information at the time of your call.
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Via the community

On this page : will discover the possibility to ask questions to the Apple community.

Write to them

It is possible to write directly to the company:

One Apple Park Way

Cupertino, CA 95014

California, United States of America