Netflix's Geeked Week

geeked week

In this month of June, Netflix decided to launch the first edition of its Geeked Week. The idea is to propose an event equivalent to Comicon and other gatherings, but focused on the catalog of the streaming giant. The goal is of course to make people talk about it, but also to make the mouths of all subscribers water. The announcements will therefore be important.

In a statement, Netflix advertises it as "a way to share emotions and connect with subscribers around the world who are passionate about the same stories and characters.

The geeked week will be the Con of Netflix

Netflix has already announced the color by dropping some names. Thus, we know that several announcements will turn around the series The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy, Cowboy Bebop, etc.. Netflix is also expected to release seasons of The Witcher and The Umbrella, which are still awaited. It must be said that in their genre, these series are locomotives for the platform ...

Beyond this first event of its kind, Netflix is trying to find a way to compete. By creating a dedicated event and remaining the innovator on the market, the company intends to remain the leader on its niche, despite the competition. A competition that is becoming tough since, as we announced, Amazon Prime Video has acquired the rights on a host of films and series lately. A survey by Deloitte, reported in this articleIn fact, it was reported that the current overbidding was not sustainable and that, in the end, the competition would be thinned out... The Americans are also starting to reduce their number of streaming subscriptions.

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