Netflix: the new releases of May

Netflix News

As every month, Netflix unveils its new releases for the month of May. In addition to some old titles, Netflix offers us some nice new ones, some of which were very expected. Let's have a look at what we will watch in May on our TVs.


We remember that Lucifer was saved from deprogramming by Netflix a few years ago. Good choice since the series has become a locomotive for the SVOD platform. The second part of season 5 is finally released, a few months after the first part. This break was caused by the covid that had stopped the shooting. And that fans reassure themselves, Netflix has already planned a new season for next year, which should be the last.


This sci-fi film was released in 2014 and is now coming to Netflix. Without being a great film of the genre, it is nevertheless captivating. In the poster, we find Domhall Gleeson, an actor already seen in Harry Potter, Star Wars or The Revenant. He plays a talented computer scientist working for the biggest search engine. He ends up meeting the founder, a solitary and mysterious man who has developed an artificial intelligence: Ava.

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Army of the Dead

In a completely different style, this zombie movie offers us a popcorn moment like we rarely get. The movie is signed by Zack Snyder who just released his Justice League. So, the movie doesn't revolutionize the genre, but brings it up to date. The film will be released on May 14 and on May 21 on the platform. It has all the ingredients: blood, zombies, corpses, gore, and crazy actors. The one who shoots the movie is Dave Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy. But we also find other famous actors like Tig Notaro.

New series scheduled for March 2021

  • SNK, Attack of the Titans (Season 3.2) : the 1er May
  • Life on board (All seasons): 1er May
  • Colony (Season 3): May 2
  • Selena (part 2): May 4
  • Nico Nickel: the garbage truck (Season 2): May 4
  • Girl from nowhere (Season 2): May 7
  • Castlevania (Season 4): May 13
  • The Unreal: Incredible Testimonies (Season 3): May 11
  • Move to heaven (Season 1): May 11
  • Love Death + Robots (Season 2): May 11
  • Who killed Sara? (Season 2): May 18
  • Special (Season finale): May 20
  • Jurassic World: Cetacean Camp (Season 3): May 21
  • Ragnarök (Season 2): May 27
  • The Kominski Method (Season 3): May 28
  • Lucifer (Season 5.2): May 28
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New films scheduled for May 2021

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade : the 1er May
  • Imperceptible: the 1er May
  • Full sun : the 1er May
  • Mr Klein : the 1er May
  • A cop : the 1er May
  • Partners Against Crime: Ambroise's egg: 1er May
  • Scenes from married life : the 1er May
  • Autumn Sonata: 1er May
  • Seventh seal: the 1er May
  • Playtime : the 1er May
  • Mr. Hulot's vacations : the 1ster May
  • My uncle : the 1er May
  • Vincenzo: May 2
  • Paul, apostle of Christ: May 3
  • The Sons of Sam: Endless Horror: May 5
  • Milestone: May 7
  • Jupiter Legacy: May 7
  • The Monster: May 7
  • Super Me: May 9
  • Truth or Dare (long version): May 11
  • Money in brief: May 11
  • Oxygen: May 12
  • The 41's ball : May 12
  • The woman at the window: May 11
  • The rhythm of the jungle: May 11
  • The wrong camp: May 11
  • Our haunted house: May 11
  • I am all girls: May 11
  • Fifty Shades of Grey: May 11
  • Ex-Machina: May 11
  • Cybernatural: May 11
  • Gladiator: May 11
  • Army of the Dead: May 21
  • Il Divin Codino: May 21
  • Eden: May 27