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In this month of December, Netflix spoils us. Could it be for the Christmas holidays? Maybe. In any case, many series are coming back on the small screen, such as Always there for you or Emily in Paris. But it's also the Christmas movie season and Netflix is not going to miss the tradition. A lot of Christmas movies are coming on the platform. So you can have a few quiet evenings and get in the mood for the end of the year.

Money Heist: Korea, season 2

The Korean adaptation of The Casa de Papel is coming back for a second season on December 9. After the success of the original series, the scriptwriters decided to adapt the scenario to the Asian market by offering a Korean version. Very faithful to the original, it differs however on several points. But for the fans of the series, it is the occasion to find again the intrigues and shenanigans of the Professor. In this season, the thugs are still trapped inside the building and continue their operations. Meanwhile, the outside help does not weaken and keeps the police from entering by force to arrest them.

The Witcher: Legacy of Blood

While Henry Cavill has just announced that he stops his role of witchdoctor, Netflix is preparing to put online a brand new series in the universe of The Witcher, the legacy of blood. The plot takes place 1,000 years before the events we know, in an elven world. During the 4 episodes of season 1, we will discover the origins of the very first sorcererbut also the events that led to the Conjunction of the Worlds. A conjunction that led to the fusion of the human, elven and monster worlds.

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Stuart Little

For Christmas, Netflix is bringing a few films of opportunity to its platform. If there are new releases and Netflix exclusives, as Christmas comes at the right time, there are also old movies for which Netlfix has bought back the broadcasting rights. This is the case of the Stuart Little series. The cutest mouse in New York is back from this 1er December. This will be the occasion to go back to his youth and to make discover this trilogy to his children.

The new Netflix series of December 2022

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Episodes 25 to 38): the 1er December
  • Berserk : the 1er December
  • Archer (Season 13): the 1ster December
  • Always there for you (Season 2): December 2
  • My Unorthodox life (Season 2): December 2
  • High Tension Seduction (Season 4): December 7
  • Money Heist: Korea (Season 2): December 9
  • My Dream Home (Season 4): December 9
  • How To Ruin Christmas (Season 3): December 9
  • The world's greatest painters: Marc Chagall: December 10
  • Last Chance U: Basketball (Season 2): December 13
  • Sauve qui pécho (Season 2): December 13
  • Paradise Police (Season 4): December 16
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh (Part 1): December 20
  • Emily in Paris (Season 3): December 21
  • Alice in Borderland (Season 2): December 22
  • The Witcher: Legacy of Blood: December 25
  • The Queen of the South (Season 3): December 30
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The new Netflix movies of December 2022

  • Troll : the 1er December
  • QALA : the 1er December
  • Once upon a time on the National 1: the 1er December
  • Stuart Little 1: The 1er December
  • Stuart Little 2 : the 1er December
  • Stuart Little 3 : the 1er December
  • Jealous : the 1er December
  • The mask: the 1er December
  • Christmas at our door: 1er December
  • Christmas with a big heart: the 1er December
  • Christmas under his wing: the 1er December
  • The sponsor: the 1er December
  • Intolerable cruelty : the 1er December
  • Overlord : the 1er December
  • The battle of Midway : the 1er December
  • Lego Friends : Heartlake stories : the 1er December
  • Dead in Tombstone : the 1er December
  • Like a bird on the branch: the 1ster December
  • The Return of Roscoe Jenkins : the 1er December
  • Love Destiny : the movie : the 1er December
  • Untraceable: the 1er December
  • Straight Outta Compton : the 1er December
  • Scrooge: A Christmas Carol: December 2
  • Warrior of the future: December 2
  • Hot Skull: December 2
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover: December 2
  • Robert Downey Sr., the father: December 2
  • Supermodel: Revolution: December 2
  • Drunk: December 2
  • Baby Boss: the Christmas bonus: December 6
  • Delivered before Christmas: December 6
  • The most beautiful flower: December 7
  • Love on points: December 7
  • An ardent patience: December 7
  • I hate Christmas: December 7
  • The Claus Family 3: December 7
  • Copenhagen Cowboy: December 8
  • In broad daylight: Mexico City at the time of the crime: December 8
  • Those who whispered in the ear of the baby elephant: December 8
  • Pinocchio: December 9
  • CAT: December 9
  • Dragon Age: Absolution: December 9
  • Gudetama: An Eggs Adventure: December 13
  • Behind Every Star: December 13
  • I believe in Santa: December 14
  • The valley of the kangaroos: December 14
  • They shine: December 14
  • Don' pick up the phone: December 14
  • Sonic Prime: December 15
  • Blue Bayou: December 15
  • The Big 4: December 15
  • Dangerous seduction: December 15
  • Who Killed Santa ? A Murderville Murder Mystery: December 15
  • Violet Evergarden: for the record: December 15
  • The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari: December 16
  • Indian predator: the monster of Bangalore: December 16
  • Un frichti à tout prix: December 16
  • Private lesson: December 16
  • Far From Home: December 16
  • Suspicion: December 16
  • Dance Monsters: December 16
  • Summer job: December 16
  • The recruit: December 16
  • All tastes are permitted: December 16
  • Christmas Storm: December 16
  • Bardo, False chronicle of some truths: December 16
  • Glass Onion : a tale of two sides : December 22
  • Matilda : December 25
  • En traître : December 26
  • Happy Nous Year: December 26
  • White Noise: December 30
  • The Glory: December 30

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