Netflix: what's new in June

Netflix News

This month, Netflix announces the arrival of several new seasons very expected. New seasons, or the continuation of the one started earlier in the year. It must be said that Netflix, faced with the craze, sometimes has trouble keeping up. A frantic pace in view of the almost daily monthly additions that the platform plans, between its own original productions and the purchase of broadcast rights.

Elite, season 4

Already the fourth season for the series Elite. We follow the journey of a group of students in a posh high school. But behind the make-up and the nice clothes, terrible secrets are buried. The first seasons focused on the search for a murderer. But since the discovery of the murderer, the series is renewed with other plots and suspenseful moments. This new season should not disappoint us, with the arrival of new colorful actors.


This is a disaster movie. Following a planetary catastrophe, humanity finds itself without electronic devices. But this is not the only problem... People can no longer sleep. This is a much more serious problem, since the lack of sleep gradually leads to madness and then death by exhaustion. It is in this context that an ex-soldier, Jill, tries to find a remedy to save her daughter.

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New series scheduled for June 2021

  • StartUp (All seasons): the 1ster June
  • Heidi (Season 2): the 1er June
  • Married to medicine (Season 2) : the 1er June
  • The Octonauts (Season 4) : the 1er June
  • Seven Souls in the Skulls Castle (Season Waxing Moon) : the 1ster June
  • Summertime - Season 2
  • The World Within (Season 1): June 4
  • Vikings (Season 6 Episodes 1 to 10): June 5
  • Ca croustille (Season 1): June 9
  • Lupin (Part 2): June 11
  • Comptinie-les-oies (season 2): June 15
  • Suits (Season 9): June 16
  • Elite (Season 4): June 1
  • High Tension Seduction (Season 2): June 23
  • The Naked Director (Season 2): June 24

New films scheduled for June 2021

  • Black holes: at the limits of knowledge: the 1er June
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta : the 1er June
  • Once upon a time... the Super mini monsters : the 1er June
  • The Midnight Murderer: 1er June
  • A crazy bet: the 1er June
  • I'm (Endless like the space): June 2
  • Carnival: June 2
  • A Neapolitan in New York: June 2
  • Suspicious death of a minor: June 2
  • The hoof tree: June 2
  • We don't joke with the stars: June 2
  • Nour: June 2
  • Vivere: in the footsteps of Villorio de Sica: June 2
  • Dad's private secretary: June 2
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: June 3rd
  • Dancing with the QueensCreator's file: June 3
  • Alan Saldana: Encarcelado: June 3
  • Sweet Tooth: June 4
  • Sweet & Sour: June 4
  • Our planet has its limits: the alert of science: June 4
  • Croman: June 8
  • Awake: June 4
  • Locombianos: June 10
  • The Genie Dragon: June 11
  • Believe me: kidnapped by a killer: June 15
  • The Cape of the Penguins: June 16
  • Padman: June 16
  • A great dad: June 18
  • Jagame Thandhiram: June 18
  • Good on paper: June 23
  • La Casa de las flores (the film): June 23
  • America: The Movie: June 30
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