Netflix: what's new in September 2021

Netflix News

Every month, Netflix adds content to its catalog to the delight of subscribers. September is no exception to the rule. In fact, several seasons of long-awaited series will be released during the month. Enough to fill your evening agenda!

Season 5 of La Casa De Papel

So much expected for a year, the last season of the series is coming. We should have the final word on this robbery of the century. Will the thieves with the Dali mask manage to escape with the gold of the Bank of Spain? Until now, nothing is less sure. Especially since the noose is tightening around them! See you in a few days to watch the first episodes, knowing that the end of the season will be online only in December ...


In the 1970s, the United States was still firmly rooted in racial segregation. Blacks and whites share the cities, but they are not tolerated everywhere. It is the time of the great riots in the whole country. The film takes up the story of a certain Ron Stallworth, the first black American officer.

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He is also known for having managed to infiltrate the famous KKK, the white supremacist organization.

Detective Conan

Manga fan? Then Conan is made for you. Here, it is not the famous barbarian played by Schwarzi, but a young Japanese detective. With the help of Kogoro Mouri, a not very perceptive detective, and his daughter Ran, Conan will fight a secret organization, called the Organization. The peculiarity is that all its members are named after alcohols: Vermouth, Vodka, Whisky, etc. Moreover, Conan is one of their victims, since he is a young high school student, Shinishi Kudo, who was transformed into a little boy!

New series scheduled for September 2021

  • Chicago Med and Chicago Fire (Season of 1-4) : the 1er September
  • Braves (Season 1): the 1er September
  • Deadly Class (Season 1) : the 1er September
  • Flash (Season 6): the 1er September
  • Supergirl (Season 5) : the 1er September
  • 44 cats (Season 3) : the 1er September
  • The big ones (Season 2) : the 1er September
  • The battle tank - a century-old weapon (Season 1): 1er September
  • The diving club (Season 1): September 2
  • La Casa de Papel (season 5 part 1): September 3
  • Toukin, the shark dog (Season 1): September 3
  • Couple on the Backtrack (Season 1): September 4
  • Witch at court (Season 1): September 6
  • Kid Cosmic (Season 2): September 7
  • The Octonauts: Mission Earth (Season 1): September 7
  • The Circle Game : United States (New episode) : September 8
  • Into The Night (season 2): September 8
  • Lucifer (season finale): September 10
  • Detective Conan (season 1): September 13
  • These incredible vacation rentals (Season 2): September 14
  • Piece of cake (Season 6): September 15
  • Seduction High Tension - Latin Version (first 3 episodes): the 15th
  • Musclor and the Masters of the Universe (Season 1): September 16
  • Sex Education (season 3): September 17
  • Squid Game (Season 1): September 217
  • Superstore (the integral) : September 20th
  • Dear White People (Season 4): September 22
  • Bank robbers (season 1): September 2
  • Dear White People (final volume): September 24
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New films scheduled for September 2021

  • Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror: 1er September
  • A balcony on the sea : the 1er September
  • My father-in-law, my parents and me: the 1er September
  • A man for eternity: 1er September
  • Invasion : the 1er September
  • The party is over: the 1er September
  • Poltergeist : the 1er September
  • Cemetery Junction: 1er September
  • Overboard : the 1er September
  • The highest target: the 1er September
  • Sitting in Limbo : the 1er September
  • The master of Kung-Fu : the 1er September
  • Agnès Varda Collection : the 1er September
  • One sings the other does not: the 1er September
  • Without you nor law : the 1er September
  • Cleo from 5 to 7 : the 1er September
  • Happiness : the 1er September
  • The beaches of Agnes : the 1er September
  • The short tip: the 1er September
  • Queer Force: September 2
  • A deadly after party: September 2
  • At what price? September 3
  • Countdown: four tourists in space: September 6
  • DD+E: September 8
  • Vinterviken: September 8
  • BlacKkKlansman: I infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan: September 9
  • Women and the assassin: September 9
  • Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Mohamed Ali: September 9
  • Kate: September 10
  • Total Metal: September 10
  • Like prey: September 10
  • The Silver Dragon: September 10
  • Problemos: September 10
  • Crime Stories: sensitive investigations in India: September 13
  • You Vs Wild - Keeping it Cool: September 14
  • Schumacher: September 15
  • Jump: September 15
  • Pages of Anguish: September 15
  • Pope Francis, a man of his word: September 16
  • Chicago Party Aunt: September 17
  • Untold stories: September 17
  • Mother! on September 20
  • Confession of an invisible girl: September 22
  • My Little Pony, new generation: September 24
  • Midnight Mass by Mike Flanagan: September 24