Prime Video declares war with MGM buyout

amazon mgm

The news came out last week. Amazon bought the Hollywood studio MGM for a whopping $8.45 billion. And if this figure seems important, you should know that Bezos paid 3 billion more than a competing offer to ensure an exclusive negotiation ... A purchase that has shaken the entire industry.

MGM, for Metro Goldwyn Mayer, is one of the main actors in the development of Hollywood cinema. It is also one of the oldest studios and one of those with the largest catalog. We, as viewers, know it mostly for its roaring lion. And speaking of that, it's true that we have often seen it at the beginning of a movie.

Amazon has bought MGM studio

Not surprising since the MGM catalog is 4,000 films and 17,000 series. A catalog that is now falling into the hands of Amazon. Thinking about it, Prime Video must have been aware of its structural delay on its biggest opponent: Netflix. But also about its lack of substance compared to another competitor: Disney+. The latter operator can count on the group with big franchises (Star Wars, Marvel), but also an impressive catalog since distributors like Touchstone Pictures are also owned by him;

The purchase was therefore the easiest way to widen the gap. Especially since this deal brings him mythical titles: Rocky, Ben-Hur, Kittens in the rain, James Bond films, etc. We have already subscribed for less good reasons than that!

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In addition to this catalog of films that will soon land on the platform, Amazon will continue to invest on a pace equivalent to what it does. For the record, it was 11 billion in 2020, including 465 million for season 1 of Lord of the Rings.