What does the phrase "Netflix and Chill" mean?

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill is an expression that was born shortly after the birth of the SVOD platform. And if it was innocent at the very beginning, it's not innocent at all nowadays... It implies now that many other things will happen besides Netflix, or rather than watching Netflix. In short, the Chill is the affinity one might have in addition to a simple common passion for streaming.

It all started with Netflix

At the end of the 2000s, Netflix revolutionized the way of consuming movies and series on the Internet. It must be said that at that time we often turn to more or less legal streaming. The flagship site is Megavideo, whose owner was later sentenced to prison.

Netflix comes with another approach. For a low cost subscription, you can have access to a lot of series, movies and all that in a legal way. No more streaming videos of poor quality, no more cuts in the middle of an episode, etc.

So, what better way for friends to have Netflix parties at home to see everything this new company offers.

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The expression Netflix and Chill was born at that moment. When young people are quietly sitting at home and the evening looks like being relaxed behind the screen. In short, we open Netflix, we choose from the catalog and we watch series all evening.

Netflix and Chill, a not so innocent expression

Then everything changed

No one really knows when, but the expression eventually lost its original meaning and took on a new, much naughtier one. It took a few years before the new meaning really took hold. And of course, the expression has entered the common language and the popular language thanks to Netflix's quasi-monopoly at the time.

As Netflix was on everyone's lips, the expression was also spreading much faster. And for the American platform, it's free publicity, even if it's not very shiny. Anyway, the expression appeals to young people and they are the ones who use the platform in majority...

Kleenex and Xerox have also entered the popular language. Xerox is not known here, but in English-speaking countries. The company is active in printers and its name, in English, is used to say "to xerox". Closer to home, Nutella and Bic are brand names that are commonly used. So why not Netflix?

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The current meaning of Netflix and Chill

Today, Netflix and Chill is an expression that implies sex. Indeed, one is no longer alone in his couch watching series, but with someone and the situation of the evening can potentially evolve into something more torrid.

If you check the Urban Dictionary, the phrase has become synonymous with a one-night stand, where Netflix has simply become an excuse for two people to meet at each other's houses.

That said, more and more French speakers are noticing, through their blogs, that the expression is gradually losing its sexual connotation. To come back to the basics: quietly watching a series you like.

Good thing or bad thing, we don't decide. However, it's best if the two people communicating are on the same page when it comes to Netflix and Chill.