1899 comes to Netflix


This month, Netflix has finally decided to lift a corner of the veil on its series of the strange: 1899. We had to wait until the very last minute to know the release date and get, by the way, a trailer worthy of the name.

The project had remained very mysterious, like the series. However, it has something to seduce from the beginning. It is imagined by the creators of Dark, which is a nice line on the resume. It exploits a good thread and promises a lot of suspense, strangeness, and twists for the characters.

Now we finally know that the release will appear in the Netflix catalog this November 17, 2022.

From this date, we will be able to binge watch the 8 episodes of the first season. No season 2 is planned for the moment, it is quite logical. But considering the phenomenon it triggers when we talk about it, it is likely that Netflix will give in and decide to produce a second season... Just as it was recently the case for the series Manifest !

If the series is causing a stir, it is because it exploits a vein left aside for a long time: the Bermuda triangle. Where planes and ships disappear... This is where, in 1899, a ship of migrants passes through on its way to the New World. All the passengers hope for a happier future than what they leave behind... However, the calm journey quickly changes when they come across another ship adrift and whose contents will completely change their journey...

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