3rd season for Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy

Netflix's most dysfunctional family will soon be back on the screens. Yes, Netflix announces the upcoming third season of The Umbrella Academy. Date advanced: next June 22. And we can't wait.

Season 2 had the siblings return to different times in the past. Some had done well. Others had found battles to fight. Segregation, the hippie period, the assassination of JFK, these are all episodes of American history that were revisited.

But by the end of the season, they had managed to return to the present. Except that when they arrived, they were not at the end of their surprise. Indeed, the course of time had replaced them by another sibling... A sibling that looked much less friendly and more like evil alter egos.

We have no doubt that the next 10 episodes will lead them into crazy adventures. And that in the end, they will have to save the world (again) from an imminent apocalypse... This one is caused by the temporal paradox that entails the existence of the two Hargreaves families at the same moment.

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