A 5th season for the Last Kingdom

last kingdom season 5

The Last Kingdom is a bit of a competitor to the series Vikingsbut with a very different approach to history. Less known and popular, it has nevertheless seduced a large audience, which is why a fifth season will be available from 9 March 2022.

The title of the series is taken from the title of the first book of the saga of Bernard Cornwell. In this series, the hero is none other than Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a fictitious character, but who retranscribes quite faithfully the tug-of-war in the English population of the 8ème and 9ème century.

Indeed, at that time, the Roman Empire had been extinguished for a long time. The masters of the region, as everywhere in Europe, were kings reigning over small kingdoms whose rivalries led them to clash. But the greatest enemy is none other than the one coming from the North: the Viking. Considered as the ultimate enemy, almost sent by the Devil himself, he must be fought.

The last kingdom will return for a fifth and final season

Uhtred does not recognize himself in this dichotomy. Following the death of his father, lord of Bebbanburg, Vikings raise him. The Saxon thus has a completely different understanding of their society. Moreover, throughout the series, we see him caught between the two camps. On the one hand, he wishes to assert his birthright and to attract the graces of the king. On the other hand, he suffers from making those he considers his family suffer.

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The revealed trailer for season 5 hints at many possibilities, but especially the ultimate denouement. Indeed, there is no more renewal planned for The Last Kingdom.

Let us console ourselves with the announcement of a spin-off, which echoes the same treatment received by the Vikings series with Vikings Valhalla.