A date for Manifest season 4


Netflix has reached its audience by adding the series Manifest to its catalog. This is not an original series, but a simple purchase. However, this one hit the spot!

ManifestIt is an old-fashioned series with a scenario based on proven methods. The pitch is simple: a plane lands five years after disappearing, but none of the passengers have aged.

The fantastic element is not so far from the one that made the success of the 4400 or of Lost. The main plot is revealed little by little, but the key elements are still eluding us thanks to clever twists.

Each episode is also built on a specific story involving a passenger. This gives multiple perspectives to the story and makes connections between them. The series does not disappoint!

It is also for this reason, no doubt, that Netflix took advantage of the cancellation of the series to buy it back. And by the way, to give it a sequel. This sequel, season 4, should arrive on the platform on November 04.

It is announced as the ultimate season, giving the answers to the various and numerous questions that we ask. To achieve this, Netflix has announced that there will be 16 and not 13 episodes in the season. That said, the original plan for the series was to have 6 seasons. The material to produce content is therefore widely available!

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