A manga adapted to the screen by Netflix: Bastard!


Bastard! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy, that's the official title of this Netflix novelty. Directly adapted from the eponymous manga, the animated series should be a hit! At least as much as the paper version which has sold 30 million copies!

As the title suggests, this is fantasy. We will say rather dystopian, because we find ourselves plunged into a chaotic world, 400 years after the fall of our civilization. The world is now dominated by force and incidentally by magic.

The kingdom of Meta Licana is holding on, but it is under attack by the Rebel Army. Its goal is to bring chaos. At its head are powerful magicians. To defeat this threat, the kingdom intends to fight evil with evil, by freeing the soul of an ancient wizard. The latter had once wanted to conquer the world. But freeing the soul of such a powerful sorcerer is not without risk!

For fans of manga, it is a dive into the best, just like Naruto. But we must not forget that adaptations take time. Also, the episodes are few. Only 24 episodes are planned. And still, it will be necessary to count with an update at mid-term. Indeed, it is planned to release the season 1 in two times, with a first salvo of 13 episodes this Friday.

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