A mini-series dedicated to Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Netflix is very fond of biopics. Not only the platform with the red N by the way, but also the series Pam & Tommy on Disney+... Recently, we had the right to The Snake, or Madame Claude, not to mention the screen adaptation of Halston's life. This time, we're tackling a sacred monster since it's Andy Warhol, no more and no less!

The series, it is still one, is divided into 6 episodes and traces the life of Andy Warhol. Here, however, there is no question of using actors to embody the character and weave a story. No, instead, it is a documentary in which many people who worked with him intervene. Testimonies of relatives and collaborators that paint a new portrait of this pop art icon!

The program even uses artificial intelligence. The objective: to recreate the voice of the famous artist to make him read passages from his writings, writings taken from his diary. This is a truly innovative element that brings a whole new dimension to the episodes, especially since the younger generations often only know the artist through some of his works...

Netflix has planned to release the series on March 9, 2022.

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