A new Spanish series: Bienvenido a Eden

bienvenido a eden

Bienvenido a Eden is the new Spanish event series which should create some stirs at the beginning of May. We know that the Spanish are very good at producing little nuggets, and this should be the case again. That said, there will always be room for the Casa de Papel, Eliteor White Lines and Sky Rojo...

This new series should land on May 6 with all episodes available for those who love binge watching, youth and bling.

Imagine the most exclusive party ever... Plus, it's held on a secret island and organized by the manufacturer of a new drink. The kind of ultra exclusive party that everyone would like to attend. A chance for Zoa and 4 other young people who receive an invitation. But if they are invited, it is not for nothing: they have a lot of followers.

But this invitation is not what it seems (for those who have seen The Swan and the Princess)! Welcome to Eden...

For those who are afraid to invest in a new series that may not see the light of day: rest assured! Netflix has already ordered a season 2, which suggests that the suspense at the end of the first episodes will be at its peak.

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On the casting side, we know that Amaia Salamanca, Amaia Aberasturi , Belinda , Lola Rodríguez , Sergio Momo participate in the shooting.