Always there for you, last series girls

always there for you

Always There For You was released a few days ago and is already in the Netflix top 10. That's all it took to look at this new Netflix original series and its appeal.

For those who have Netflix, the trailer is quite telling. Two childhood friends have grown up together and are going through things together. But beyond that, what does this movie bring to us?

Because it must be said that the series is not breathtaking. We are not (yet) to devour the episodes, to binge-watch them. Especially since there are only 8 episodes for the moment.

Katherine Heigl returns to the small screen as Tully, who will have many adventures with her lifelong friend, Kate.

But we have to admit that she attracts us irresistibly. Maybe because of Katherine Heigl (discovered in Roswell) who we always appreciate so much and who had disappeared a little from the radar these last years. She is accompanied by Sarah Chalke (Scrubs). Heigl has a tendency to occupy the space left by the camera and manages to give much body to the scenes. For all that, she is on the verge of being horrifying at times.

All this to come back to the fact that the series follows these two friends Tully and Kate (Heigl and Chalke) through the decades. First in the 70s, where they meet and experience their first difficulties. Then the 80s, the 90s and the 2000s. Of course, the younger characters are played by other actresses.

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On the script level, all the subjects are tackled. From the most difficult ones, like rape and health problems, to the hot reunion with her ex and the little lies.

In the end, the series has something to enthuse about, even if it won't quench the thirst of serial fans for long. As for a second season, it is still too early to talk about it.