Another Life, season 2 coming soon

another life season 2

Released last year, the series Another Life had received a mixed reception; however, Netflix has still proposed a sequel that, hopefully, will be more prolific. Working in the same register as Lost in Space and far from the Star Trek Discovery of Sonequa Martin Greenthe series offers a darker and more chilling approach to the encounter of the third kind

In season 1, the viewer was introduced to the heroes and the story. This one was quickly set up from the first episode and the rhythm seemed sustained. However, it had decreased from the fourth episode onwards, going from twists and turns to keep the suspense alive. It must be said that the arrival of an alien intelligence on Earth has everything of catchy. But it was necessary to keep the story alive when we decide to embark on a spaceship towards a mysterious signal.

The revelations of the last episode gave some answers to the suspense that had been hanging over the ten episodes. The aliens were not so well intentioned. As colonizers, they settle on planets by destroying what they find there. The crew who had arrived at their destination had to warn Earth of the imminent danger. But a communication problem prevented them from doing so. The only solution was to return to Earth more quickly than the aliens, who had found a new Eldorado to exploit: Earth.

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From these revelations, one could draw some kind of an end. That would have been enough for many subscribers. Especially since the story was rather sluggish, played on hackneyed twists and turns and offered nothing original. But Netflix offers here a new salvo of episodes.

We will follow, more than likely, the return of the crew to Earth with their important message.

Verdict of the season 2 from October 14, the release date of the series on the platform.