Arcane : the opinion of the internet users


Released at the end of 2021, Arcane surprised everyone by the world developed in its episodes and the fineness of the anime's features. It must be said that the result is up to expectations. When we know that the first season of 9 episodes is in production since 2016 and that the budget invested is substantial!

The fictional universe in which Vi, Jinx and the others evolve is called Runeterra. It echoes League of Legends, since it is the same universe. To make it simple, we are facing the eternal fight between the rich and the poor, with a double city on the same place: Piltover the rich one and Zaun the unhealthy one. Jinx and Vi have lived in Zaun, but now that the two sisters are adults, they have very different lifestyles.

Arcane is from the world of League of Legends

The critical reception of the series has been very positive. So much so that Riot Games has decided to launch a second season in production. But this one is not planned before 2023 at least.

Now that a few months have passed and the excitement has died down a bit, let's see what the internet users think:

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