Arcane, the series adapted from League of Legends


League of Legends is a cult video game. In its 12 years of existence, it has become a true phenomenon, just like Dota or Counter-Strike. However, it has taken all this time to be adapted to the small screen in a format like the Witcher. This series is Arcane.

More than an adaptation, it is rather a prequel. The universe in which it is integrated is futuristic and fantastic. Humans and creatures live together. Like Aladdin, Vi and Powder (who will become Jinx) fly to survive. Until one day they come across an object whose value exceeds what they imagined. The series also integrates very well the dichotomy between the bright side with Piltover, a prosperous city, and Zaun, the underground city filled with chaos...

The success of the series is immediate. As soon as it was released, it already joined the Netflix top 10 in many parts of the world. It must be said that in addition to the very convincing scenario, the line of the anime is terribly seductive. And as for the Witcher, a point of honor is made so that everyone understands the story, even those who have not played LoL. Finally, if there were still arguments to convince, the soundtrack realized by Sting and Bea Miller, among others, will finish convincing the most reluctant.

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