Serving the past: the opinion of Internet users

The release of the series did not make much noise. At least, Netflix did not put the little dishes in the big for this new series. The platform with the red N should perhaps have, because the series was promising. Almost all the ingredients were gathered to make the buzz.

First, there are these quite strange murders or attempted murders. Then, a spy who has defected to the West. Finally, a CIA agent who we quickly understand is not really part of the Agency anymore... What more could we ask for? Not much in fact! We could simply point out that the casting does not call upon a known actor to pull the ratings. That said, it's not really necessary.

One will either like or dislike the numerous flashbacks between the current events and the history of our spy Jenny Franklin (played by Margarita Levieva). But the editing of the series gives them all their meaning, especially since they offer a real understanding of Jenny's state of mind at the time of her decisions.

The icing on the cake is that the last scene reveals a real twist that hints at a season 2!

So all that remains is to discover the opinion of subscribers who have already viewed the series:

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