Baymax : this robot, our hero


It is not only Star Wars and Marvel which are entitled to spin-offs. This is also the case for Baymax, which is intended to be the spin-off of "The New Heroes." Baymax is an inflatable robot that is a health companion. In short, his mission is to heal people and help them when they need it.

It is meant to be touching and will speak to children who will recognize in him a friend. That's what he is.

Designed as a robot, Baymax diagnoses people and then tries to help them. This is what he will do during the 6 episodes planned for this first season. Hopefully a second one will follow soon. The 6 episodes focus on 6 different people. Not very understanding, they refuse his help at first. But this refusal does not prevent the robot from looking for ways to help them. A beautiful proof of humanity that we should be inspired by!

The script of the series has been left to Cirocco Dunlap, but the direction has been shared between different directors. This can be felt in the construction of the episodes, but the guideline will always be the same. As for the actors, there are only those who lend their voices.

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