Best Korean Dramas on Netflix : Our top 10

best korean drama netflix

South Korea is a country on the other side of the world, but it has managed to make a place for itself. And not only by selling Samsung... Because the Korean cinema has become very popular, thanks to series and movies like Squid Game. That said, Korean cinema is not only about that, they are also very strong in dramas!

Memories of the Alhambra

The series begins with a pitch somewhat identical to Ready Player One. Here too, the virtual has caught up with reality. And here too, the brilliant inventor of this virtual world has disappeared. It is to find him that Yoo Jin-Woo decides to leave for Spain. It is there that he meets the manager of an inn. Between reality and virtual, the borders are thin. Between drama and romance, the plot is woven through the episodes available on Netflix.

Sky Castle

4 wealthy families live in a private residence. The future of the children is very clear and it goes through one of the 3 most prestigious universities in the country. The 3 universities are Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University. Together they form the acronym SKY.

In order for the children to integrate this elitist world, a sort of Korean Ivy League, the parents are ready to do anything. The drama highlights the social pressure of the Korean society and the very high expectations for their offspring!

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Crash landing on you

In this series, we are interested in the life of North Koreans. As a reminder, there is still a demilitarized zone that separates the two countries that were once one! Everything is approached with humor, even if the theme is heavy! Besides, the pitch is quite light. It is the story of an heiress of a great fortune who goes paragliding. One day, she goes out, but a storm breaks and pushes her across the border. In the North, she meets a soldier who will help her to cross back to the South.

Mister Sunshine

The title deals with a more distant period of Korean history, but which shaped the country. Indeed, at the beginning of the 20ème century, Japan controlled Korea. It is in this context that Choi Yoo-Jin chooses to go on an American ship. He chooses not to be a slave of the occupier. It is there that he discovers another world.

The series deals with several themes such as feminism through its characters, but also the cultural difference between the Korea of yesteryear and the Western models.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Gangnam is the name of a trendy and posh district of the capital. The tone is therefore given, here it will be a question of lightness. This is the story of a young student who starts university. She decides to radically change her look, so much so that her relatives no longer recognize her. Hence the nickname "Gangnam Beauty", in reference to the many plastic surgery clinics that are located there. However, the story of this young girl reflects a reality of the Korean society. Many people have recourse to surgery because they think that their appearance will have a real impact on their professional career.

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Radiant Office

At 28, Go Ah-sung finally gets a job. She had already been turned down for dozens of jobs, but this time, it's the right one! But she learns that she has a serious illness. This announcement completely reverses her vision of the world. She had always wanted to work, but she decided not to attach so much importance to her job. Knowing that the Korean society attaches a lot of importance to it, the situation is approached with humor.

Business proposal

In this funny and endearing series, we follow a young man. His family pressures him to find a wife, but he doesn't have that in mind. He runs his business and does not have much time for romance. So he decides to disguise himself to go to the meeting. But it's not a good idea, because he finds himself face to face with an employee. It is at this moment that he makes her a proposal.


If you enjoyed Elite, you might enjoy the Korean version. In this 20-episode series, two teenagers find themselves immersed in a high school for the elite. They are different from their classmates. And they themselves don't really come from the same background... All that connects them is the fact that they met in the US.

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39 is the age of three friends. They are on the eve of their fortieth birthday and it is the occasion to take stock of where they are in life. Here, it's a bit of an exploration of the female world in the Korean version. We already had Sex and the City in the past and the series is quite close by the tone that emerges. Between love and melodrama, the series embarks us in some adventure!

Tree with Deep Roots

The story takes place during the reign of King Sejong, one of the greatest dynasts of Korea and the basis of their alphabet. In his palace, as in all palaces, intrigue is rife. Murders occur and a guard is commissioned to shed light on the situation. If the thread of the series is rather banal, it still allows us to immerse ourselves in medieval Korea.