Best historical series on Netflix: Our top 10

best historical series netflix

History is a fascinating thing. As the saying goes, you have to know where you come from to know where you are going. Historical series are there for that, among others. Because they try to mix historical facts with a storyline. Often well done, they often fall into uchrony, by creating facts that did not really happen. However, the historical interest of some of them makes them references of the genre.


Probably the most famous historical series of the last years, Viking follows the life of Ragnar Lodbrok. It is a legendary character whose existence is affirmed without giving details. Nevertheless, the series remains very close to the historical truth with Rollon, the discovery of Iceland, Greenland, America, or the plundering.

The Last Kingdom

This series also focuses on the Vikings and their conquest, but from the point of view of the Saxons this time. The Vikings are described as barbarians looting and burning villages. The interest is rather on the Saxon kings, and in particular Alfred the Great. He is helped in his task by Uthred, a renegade Viking.

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The Crusades were a driving force for the West for centuries. One order in particular benefited from this: the Templars. Soldiers, but also doctors and bankers, the order became very important, to the point of embarrassing the King of France. It is in this universe that a former knight, in love with the queen, evolves and discovers a troubling secret.


The frontier is that of the West. In other words, the conquest of new territories by the West. In the 18thème In the 19th century, some men lived by trading with the Amerindian tribes, skins and furs, in exchange for trinkets. Some lived on a shoestring, others were extremely wealthy. All of them fight each other, but they have a common enemy: the Hudson's Bay Company.

Marco Polo

It is one of the first original series of Netflix. It did not last long, but it paved the way for this concept on the SVOD platform. As its name suggests, the story follows that of Marco Polo, the European who reached China to trade. Many facts are scriptural inventions, but the settings, the clothes, the geopolitics are well and truly drawn from the period.


Direction Germania. The Roman Empire eventually conquered the region. Their policy is to kidnap the children of the chiefs and to educate them in the Roman way to force the integration of the villages. This is how Arminius, who will become Hermann the Cheruscan, grew up. It is him who will become the hero of Teutoburg by taking the eagles from Varus. The series is acclaimed for its period realism and its accuracy on the few certified historical facts.

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The series dates from a few years ago, but it is a reference on the subject. Spartacus was a slave. Tired of this life, he took his freedom from his masters and led a revolt throughout Italy. Leaving Naples, he plundered the domains of the Romans to feed himself and grow his army. Rome will not tolerate this insurrection and will go to fight the former gladiators who have been freed.


Thanks to a twist in the script (time travel), a young English woman finds herself projected several centuries into the past. Little attention is paid to her present life. The series follows her in 1743. It is the time of the Scottish revolt, when the Scots wish to free themselves from the English yoke. Even if the latter will not let them. There she meets her husband's ancestor, far from being a child at heart, and falls in love with Jamie Fraser, a young Highland warrior.

The Crown

This historical series is classified as a biopic and follows the life of the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II. As such, it is very close to reality. Especially since most of the facts related to the monarchy are well documented. We even notice a disturbing resemblance between the real queen and the actress. The series focuses on the political rivalries, intrigues and other events that marked her reign. The period covered goes from her 25th birthday to the present day.

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In the year of grace 1557; Marie Stuart arrives in France. She was promised to Prince Francis of the French court. Queen of Scotland, this marriage should seal an alliance between the countries. She was young, had just left the convent and arrived alone (with a few friends) in a foreign land. While the welcome is warm, she realizes that her life is constantly in danger, because of plots fomented against her.