Best animated series on Netflix: Our top 10


In life, there are not only movies, there are also series! This is also the case for everything that is animation. And Netflix offers us some of them that have marked the spirits in recent years. Here is a top 10 of the best animation series that can be found on Netflix at the moment

Love, Death & Robots

The series was an immediate hit with the followers of the genre. Warning: do not let children watch this animated series, because it is forbidden to children under 18. And for good reason, it's about love, robots, but mostly about death. And sometimes, it's quite gory, and too scary for the little ones.

That said, the different episodes offer a very good time behind the screen, because each episode is composed as an independent story of the other episodes. As a result, everyone will find something to enjoy and will appreciate some episodes more than others. The series currently has 3 seasons.


The gestation of the project was long. But it finally arrived on Netflix. Drawing directly from the League of Legends universe, the series follows the story of two sisters living in a city with two faces. On one side is wealth and light. On the other side, people live in unsanitary slums. In this dystopian universe, we live action scenes, sad moments. No one will remain insensitive.

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Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a bit like The Simpsons with a more trashy side. However, we don't necessarily watch the series for that. Because it gives off a scathing humor that leaves no one out. And if the youngest will take the stories at face value, the older ones also get their money's worth. Indeed, each episode is a series of reference to the pop-culture that does not escape the TV generation ... As an adult, we do not tire of watching this show.


The series is based on the eponymous video game. So, as for Arcane, we evolve in a world created from scratch where each character has its importance. But the strength of the series is that it evolves independently from the video games it was based on at the beginning. Today, it is a clever mix of chases, fights, intrigues between characters. With 4 seasons on the streaming platform, we have plenty to watch!


This is the story of the last airbender. In a magical world, some people possess extraordinary powers. Those to master the elements. The series begins when a young boy, Aang, is found stuck in the ice. Like Hibernatus, he is still alive. He is the avatar, which makes him famous. But he also carries a lot of responsibility.

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Miraculous Ladybug

Produced in collaboration between a Japanese studio and a French studio, the animation series is one of the most popular at the moment. It plunges us into the world of Paris, where young teenagers possess wonderful powers. These are conferred by magical creatures. But of course, there is a villain in the story! He intends to get all the magical beings to serve his own ends!

She'ra and the princesses in power

The series is a reboot of an old Mattel series from the 80s, The reboot has not lost the flame of its origins, which gives it a real charm. As for the storyline, it revolves around Adora. Adora can transform into She'ra, a warrior princess. To do this, she needs a magic sword. Thanks to her powers, she will try, with her friends, to bring peace to Etheria! But that's without taking into account her origins... Because she is an orphan of the Horde army!


Sterling Archer is a spy. He works for ISIS, the international secret intelligence service. He is clearly the kind of hero who is not... But the director of operations is none other than his mother. While his ex-girlfriend is his direct competitor within the agency. However, he has to go on missions from embassies to parliaments, from country to country. All this, with a certain nonchalance. In short, Archer is a bit like OSS 117, but in an animated series!

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Carmen Sandiego

To stay in the field of espionage, here is another heroine. Carmen Sandiego! Playful, unpredictable and endowed with an unparalleled intelligence, she remains strong to a certain Arsène Lupin. From city to city, she steals objects and steals documents. Why, we don't know... Still, an agency is looking for her: the ACME. They intend to stop her!

Paradise Police

Here we are in the small town of Paradise. Everything is heavenly... Well, almost! Because the town could have had police officers worthy of the name... Instead, they have a bunch of losers. With them, they will have to fight crime and serve the population. A series of gags and grotesque situations follow, for which no one remains indifferent.