Best Horror Series on Netflix : Our top 10

best horror series netflix

Horror series are a popular genre. Simply because it allows the writers to make the universe credible. Indeed, there is nothing worse than having a two-line scenario where a guy tries to chainsaw the others. At least at that time... We like to have a background, an evil character with a real developed personality. That's what you find most often in the best horror series available on Netflix.

Van Helsing

The series is a reference in the horror genre. Original program of Netflix, it is based on the legendary character of Van Helsing, the vampire killer. We knew the movie with Hugh Jackman, the series has nothing to do! We follow Vanessa who wakes up after 3 years in a coma. The world has changed since it is ravaged by vampires. With her companions of misfortune, she fights the undead from their entrenched camp.


Who doesn't know Dracula. He has been a star for centuries and haunts many stories. This series is just the umpteenth adaptation of it. Of course, the stories in which he is the center are always so bloody. His crimes are strewn all over his path. But he remains vulnerable to only one thing: the light. A creature of the night, he cannot venture out into the daylight. In the scary genre, the series wins the jackpot.

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If you're looking for gore and scary, this is the series for you. There are two sides. On one side, serial killers who do everything to terrorize their future victims. On the other side, the victims who are struggling to keep from dying. The worst thing about the series is that the setting is not scary. It is the atmosphere and the scenes that give them a chilling character.


It is a Norwegian series. As such, besides the fact that it is a horror series, it is naturally dark and cold. So, we feel immediately uncomfortable from the first minutes. We follow the misadventures of a group of cursed passengers in a bus. They don't know their destination, but it's probably not the one of their dreams.


We go on a devil's chase in a fast-paced, but devilishly scary Mexican series. A girl has disappeared. A young priest wishes to find her, but facing the devil, exorcism is useless. So he enlists the services of a demon hunter. If he is excellent, his methods are not to everyone's liking...

V Wars

V for Vampire and not for Vendetta. In this series, a virus spreads throughout the world. A bit like 28 days later... It is very fast and it turns everyone it touches into vampires. Or rather, into bloodthirsty creatures, which is almost the same thing. The suspense is intense, and some scenes very gory. In this world in perdition, two friends struggle to survive.

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Z Nation

No vampires here, but zombies. A different style of frightening creatures. In this series, a group embarks on a mission of the "last hope" type. Indeed, a man has survived this deadly virus that turns humans into zombies. All that's left is to make a vaccine. If the horror and gore are there, we also appreciate the comic accent of the series.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Crazy, that's how we can qualify this series... There is no need to say, Ash is the kind of guy who knows how to solve situations. Here also, the series wants to be comical, with funny passages, even hilarious. But if it is reserved to 18+, there is a good reason. And that reason is the way Ash Williams, the demon hunter, deals with his new enemies.


1947 in the United States. In this small town in the Midwest, everything looks quiet. There is only one psychiatric hospital which really stands out from the other towns in the area. It is in this hospital that Mildred Ratched is hired as a nurse. If she seems to master her subject as a nurse, she also has a much more frightening dark side. Besides, she is not the only member of the staff to be slightly different...

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Bitten is a screen adaptation of a literary work. As the title suggests, the theme here is werewolves. Elena Michaels has been a werewolf since she was bitten by werewolves. But she doesn't like this monstrous life. That's why she wants to get away from the pack. But the murders connected to the pack won't let her get far...