Best fantasy series on Netflix: Our top 10

best fantasy series netflix

Fantasy is a genre that is just that, fantasy. It allows us to travel, to transport us in another universe, or in a different reality. Sometimes dystopian, sometimes more utopian, each episode offers us a moment of relaxation. It is necessary to say that we need it at the end of a day often down-to-earth and monotonous.


If there is a series that deserves the title of fantastic, it is this one. As much for the scenario as for the theme. Mixing angels and demons to earthly criminal cases. With a superb cast, including Lauren German or even Scarlett EstevezTom Ellis thinks he's the devil himself! We never found Hell so sexy!


Sense8 is a great series, a real gem. It explores various themes such as politics, religion, or sexuality. The action is focused on 8 people scattered around the world. They have no connection with each other. Until a woman commits suicide. They then find themselves strangely connected. Sense8 is about sensory experiences, in short.

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Locke & Key

It's the story of a comic book being adapted to the screen. Well, it's not the first time, and it probably won't be the last time either. The original story is written by Joe Hill, who is none other than the son of Stephen King. So we find the mystical universe of the latter, in a certain sense. The 6 Locke children move into a mansion after the death of their father. They find keys with fantastic powers.

The Umbrella Academy

So here is another comic book that has been adapted to the screen and has hit the roof thanks to its success. We dive into the most dysfunctional family that is. Brothers and sisters have been adopted by a rich eccentric. But behind this eccentricity lies a reasoning that doesn't seem all that crazy. Especially since killers are traveling through time looking for them.

The Witcher

Adapted from the video game of the same name, itself based on a Polish literary work... The Witcher takes up the hero and his universe in the way of Game of Thrones. We are tempted to make the comparison when there is no need to be. We appreciate the costumes, the music, the battles, the scenery. But for those who have not played the games, diving into this universe is complicated.

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Among the many comic book heroes, there's one we love. The Flash! The series wants to be a spin off of the Arrow universe. Indeed, over the seasons, crossovers are made mixing the universe of Flash to that of Arrow and Supergirl. Like Peter Parker, Barry Allen becomes Flash by being struck by lightning. His speed will allow him to stop the worst criminals.

Stranger Things

Mixing angst and fantasy, Stranger Things succeeds very well. Indeed, the fans have completely adhered and have brought this series to the top. The fantasy is brought here by a laboratory managed by the CIA. The Agency had chosen a small quiet town in the Midwest to settle, except that with strange phenomena and a mysterious disappearance, all does not seem to be so peaceful in Hawkins, Indiana.

Sweet Tooth

This is one of the latest Netflix productions. Direction a dystopian future in which the Earth has experienced a Collapse of Civilization. The rest of humanity is torn apart, and the law of the strongest reigns. In this tattered world, a new species appears, between humans and animals. These hybrids are considered strangely by the population.

DC Titans

While the MCU is popular, DC tries to create the same excitement around its universe. It succeeds relatively well with the Batman and Superman. The series like Flash are emanations of it. DC Titans is also, but highlights lesser known individuals, if not for Robin... The peril that lurks for them is no less. We will even see a fleeting appearance of Batman (or rather of his voice).

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The Travelers

The apocalypse, humanity survives in domes. Well, almost. The DALL is an algorithm that allows humans to be sent into the past. The objective: to modify the course of time to avoid the apocalypse. The Director, responsible for the project, sends his travelers. The process is simple, when a person is about to die, a traveler takes possession of his body. He then uses it to fulfill his mission, which is part of the Great Project, to avoid the extinction of humanity.