Best teen series on Netflix: Our top 10

best teen series netflix

Teens and seriatists, these are almost two synonyms. It is therefore logical that Netflix offers an almost countless number of series for teenagers. Most of them deal with themes that are dear to teenagers, such as first love, high school or self-discovery. Moreover, they are ultra modern and have a cast reflecting the evolution of society.

Sex Education

Otis is a young teenager. He is insecure and does not have many friends. His biggest problem in life is his mother. She is a famous sexologist, which is a source of discomfort for him since she psychoanalyzes him almost all the time. Until one day he decides to go from guinea pig to therapist by offering sexology classes to the other students at his school.

My first times

Not easy! Really not easy the life of a high school student. Especially when you're a newcomer and you don't know many people. It is the case of our heroin in this case. His arrival in a new school will turn everything upside down. And above all, this change will allow him to live his first times. Her first excitement, her first love, and maybe more. While sharing her adventures with her girlfriends. Currently, two seasons are available, and are one of the most requested by subscribers.

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Ginny & Georgia

Georgia is an independent woman. Since she was a teenager, she hasn't relied on anyone to help her out. And she doesn't hesitate to take radical measures when necessary. She lives with her two children, including Ginny, who wants to settle down in a city and have a teenage life like the others. In a high school, with friends, a boyfriend, for example. But above all without the sword of Damocles of having to move again. Yet the family is far from being unnoticed. Between external threats and tensions in the house, the bet is far from being won.


The series is legendary and marks the recent history of comedy series for teenagers. With 10 seasons, it is also one of the longest of its time, even if series like Grey's Anatomy or NCIS beat records of longevity. It will also be an opportunity to meet actors whose careers took off thanks to this successful sitcom. For example, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry or Courteney Cox.


This is the story of the EliteThe youth of Spain. As teenagers, they think they can do anything and that it will have no consequences. However, becoming an adult means assuming the consequences. And what consequence could be more serious than murder? This is what the first two seasons are all about, searching for the murderer of a teenager. All this, with newcomers on scholarship at the most exclusive high school in the capital.

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Teen wolf

Could this young high school student be a wolf? You don't have to be a mind reader to figure it out from the title. Indeed, Scott is bitten by a strange creature while he is in the woods to participate in a hunt. This animal is not a dog or a wolf, because the consequences of his bite are a transformation into a werewolf. This transformation will allow Scott to become a beloved high school jock and heartthrob.


The teen series now has 5 seasons. It all starts with the tragic death of a student that will upset the quiet world of these teenagers. Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica, among others, all go to Riverdale High School. Their daily life is that of teenagers, made of love, sex, family stories.

Stranger Things

In this series, the young Will disappears overnight. Without leaving any trace. Of course, his family will try to find him. His mother Joyce, his father Mike are guided in this search by Eleven. But this disappearance seems to be only one of the strange phenomena taking place in this town of Hawkins. It seems that the town is the scene of supernatural phenomena linked to a state laboratory.

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La casa de Papel

Focus on a gang of thieves who decide to pull off the biggest heist of the year. In 11 days, they intend to use the machines of the coin factory to become rich. All this, following the Professor's plan, who seems to have planned everything down to the smallest detail!

Gilmore girls

With 7 seasons under its belt, Gilmore Girls has become a benchmark in teen television. It's the story of a close relationship between Lorelai and her daughter Rory. Of course, they each have their own stories, whether it's in high school or in the small town of Stars Hollow. But they never fail to be close.