Best award-winning TV series on Netflix: Our top 10

best award-winning series netflix

Over the years, Netflix has had the opportunity to produce a lot of original content. Content that has managed to stand out from the competition, while at the same time owning the rights to broadcast the best TV series. That's why this little top exists, to showcase the best award-winning series so far.

La casa de Papel

Probably the most famous of the series, La Casa de Papel takes us to the robbery of the Spanish Mint. Well prepared by the professor, Tokyo, Rio and all the others have planned a meticulous plan. But they don't count on the police who intend to stop them. A life-size chess game between the robbers and law enforcement.

Squid Game

The Korean series took only a short time to find its place among the best award-winning series on Netflix. Indeed, with its Korean approach and its gory side, the series has seduced more than one... Until it finds itself in the playground. Nevertheless, it is forbidden to minors under 16 years old. Like a battle royale, people from all walks of life do everything to win a deadly game!

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Vikings is one of the most emblematic series. Heading north with this civilization we know so little about. Through a saga and a character of legends, Hirst explores these lands that shaped Europe during a whole period. Explorers, merchants, conquerors, plunderers, the Vikings are more complex than we think...

The Last Kingdom

In the same line as Viking, The Last Kingdom explores, this time, the impact of the Vikings on the Anglo-Saxon islands. Long before William's invasion, the Saxons were fighting with the Vikings for their lands. A fierce battle that plunged these lands into endless fighting.


Friends is not presented anymore. The series has marked a whole generation, which became great. It is the basis of many shows that are still inspired by it today. From the coffee shop that serves as a reference for the group of friends to the love stories. Not to mention that most of the actors who played in this series have become Hollywood stalwarts today!

Breaking Bad

Let's go back to Walter White. Disappointed by his professional life which does not give him any merit and a mediocre family life with a daughter who hardly speaks to him anymore, he decides to start a meth business. He is a bit of a perfectionist with his product, but needs help. He just hadn't counted on the mafias who have very little remorse about the deaths that this type of business can bring.

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things plunges us into a small town plagued by a disturbing disappearance. This is not the only strange thing in the area. Many phenomena occur, forces that seem supernatural appear. All this could be linked to a federal research center, but nobody dares to talk about it. It is in this strange atmosphere that the research will be carried out... A must watch !

The Bridgerton Chronicles

The series has become in less than a week one of the most watched series on Netflix. Original production, it is inspired by a best-seller. We discover a world that evolves more or less in the Victorian period and in high society. The Bridgertons are 8 children, and each one must find a place in high society, even if it means making some sacrifices.

Downton Abbey

Here is another emblematic series that we never tire of seeing again and again. Just like BridgertonThe series takes place in the closed world of the English nobility. Among these great families, the Crawleys are trying to stay afloat. This class system is being challenged by the new rich, while more and more nobles are becoming destitute.

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The game of the lady

Phenomenon of the year 2020, the Lady's Game has invested in the chess. Shaped as a mini-series of 6 episodes, we follow the evolution of a young orphan girl. A stranger to chess, she is introduced to the rules by an old janitor. She reveals herself to have outstanding abilities, but she struggles to find her place in the world. Will her gift help her to integrate into a world ruled by men?


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