Black Mirror: back for a season 6

Black Mirror

It had been 3 years since the series had left Netflix. We thought it was buried... No way! It is well and truly back for a sixth season.

However, no premature excitement. Its announced return is the only thing we know for sure. Indeed, Netflix has been careful not to disclose a release date for this sixth installment. What the episodes will be about is also an enigma to which the answers will come (soon).

Black Mirror
Black Mirror will return for a final season

There are two things we can already talk about with certainty. First of all, we know that the production is already launched. So the series will indeed take place and there will be no cancellation in the meantime. The arrival on the platform with the red N will happen, but we are not yet quite sure of the timing ... We also know that the two producers of the series will also return. Namely Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones.

Finally, Netflix has already announced that the number of episodes will be limited to 3. As for season 5, each episode will be independent of the other two.

For the rest, you will have to be patient... But we will tell you more as soon as we can!

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