Borgen: power and glory... and resurrection

borgen the power and the glory

Borgen is a cult series that was broadcasted years ago on Arte. After having had its little TV success, the series disappeared.

This was without counting Netflix who decided to resurrect the series by launching a new series inspired by the old one. To make the difference, it has simply and soberly been renamed Borgen: Power and Glory.

In this season 1, we find everything we liked at the time. We are still in Denmark and the series is still moving in the The Dropout, the fall will be hardbehind the scenes of power. Behind the speeches and presentations, there is a reality that the population does not always want to see. It is made of little arrangements, compromises that become compromises, etc.

On the program, the place of Denmark in globalization, the struggle of the superpowers for the Arctic, the problems related to climate change, etc.

Those who knew the seasons of the original series will find the atmosphere, even if the direction was left to Adam Price. As for the actors, we find some of those we already knew.

There is little doubt that this series will quickly rise to the top 10 on Netflix!

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