Bridgerton season 2, chronicle of a successful series

bridgerton chronicle netflix

After The Queen's Game and LupinThe Bridgerton Chronicle is the new nugget on the Netflix platform. Another one, one might say, that explodes the ratings records. And who says audimat at the appointment, necessarily says possibility of a second season.

What is it about?

Bridgerton, like many other series, is in fact an adaptation of a novel on the screen. Those of Julia Quinn. By the way, the bookshops have been plundered by fans who want to go deeper into the story. Like what, the television can also give desire to read!

The story takes us to the 19ème century in English and London high society in particular. It is an opportunity to see period clothing and to remember that the rules and customs were not quite like today.

Dive into the 19th century for Netflix with its new program

Indeed, the number one goal of women was to find a husband and the best possible match. This is what the Bridgerton children did, attending receptions and other formal balls in the hope of getting married.

Except for Eloise who plays the feminist card of the series and who prefers to play the investigators.

In the end, a lot of ingredients that work very well together and are reminiscent of series like Gossip Girl or Downton Abbey.

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The Bridgerton Chronicle, season 2 ?

Rest assured, Netflix announced in late January 2021 that it would renew its series for a second season. It must be said that it would have been difficult to justify the contrary in view of the 70 million viewers recorded. In fact, it has surpassed the other big release of the beginning of the year: Lupin.