Bubble, the new Netflix anime

bubble netflix

At the end of the month, on April 28 exactly, Netflix will make available its new anime Bubble. The latter is to support a strong trend lately, of wanting to add content of this type for subscribers. The title will appear next to the Naruto and others Attack of the Titans.

For this new series, Netflix seems to have put the small dishes in the big. All the animation is done by the WIT Studio, but the designer is none other than the one who drew Death Note, a successful manga. So we can definitely expect a quality drawing and worked in detail. Bubble will not be a low budget.

In this anime, Tokyo was victim of a bubble attack. Hence the title... These bubbles fell on the city and created a discontinuity in gravity. To put it simply, in Tokyo, gravity is no longer the same as elsewhere on the planet. The city is cut off from the world.

Of course, the attack left some people dead, and some of the orphaned children decided to create yamakasi type groups. They jump from one building to another and fight each other. Among them, Hibiki, who likes to play with limits. Uta, a girl with enigmatic powers will save him from an accident and a friendship will form between them. The rest, we let you discover it!

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