Caïd, the low-budget series that breaks through with Netflix

series caid netflix

If you liked Gomorra, you will probably like Caïd. Of course, there is nothing like that here because of the difference in budgets, but the idea is the same: to describe the reality of drug dealers. Violent and (almost) hopeless.

It must be said that for this production, the directors had a budget of 70,000 €. A straw compared to what other films cost. Despite this, the series is a success and the technical choices made pay off on the screen.

Caïd follows the difficult and violent life of a drug dealer who dreams of being a rapper

Back to the origin of Caïd... The series draws its synopsis from the film of the same name which won an award at the Cognac Festival. It is directed by the same two directors of the series, Nicolas Lopez and Ange Basterga. The casting also remains essentially the same with Abdramane Diakité in the role of Tony and Sebastien Houbani in that of Frank. The production company that supported the film, FrenchKiss pictures, also continues to collaborate.

The series picks up where it left off. Tony gets out of prison and wants to become a rapper, he who only knows drug trafficking. To help him shoot his video clip, his label sends him Frank and a cameraman. From there, starts the testimony, handheld camera of the reality of the blocks, the northern district, the violence between dealers and rival gangs, etc.. A very dark setting that the directors lighten here and there with scenes that show that something else is possible. Like this barbecue between friends or the fighting spirit of the young people not to let themselves sink. In the end, the series is close to the docu-drama and that's what we like to watch sometimes too!

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With this production, the directors prove two things. A small budget is not an obstacle when you have imagination (Netflix also helped a lot) and that in France, we can produce quality, equivalent to Marseille or Sentinel.