Chabracadabra, children love cat witches


Every child dreams of having a pet. The cat is probably the most desired animal. So it's not surprising that the heroines of this new series turn into cats.

The series has not just been released, it has been available since 1er October. But many children will probably have waited for the All Saints' vacation to be able to dive into this new universe created by Netflix...

On her 12th birthday, Willa Ward inherited a necklace that belonged to her mother. Not surprisingly, she was a witch. And this medallion is the object of covetousness from two other witches: Wilma and Wanda. The latter are not at all well-intentioned... Young Willa must therefore learn to master the powers of the necklace to protect it and herself from the two other witches.

Luckily for her, she can count on her two best friends, Scout and Lily. Together, they transform themselves into cats to get out of tricky situations or to get into places where they are not allowed!

The series is totally suitable for children, even the younger ones. It's not scary, or hardly scary at all, which still offers them a pinch of thrills!

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