Christmas Flow, the French Christmas rom-com series

christmas flow

Yes, Christmas is already on the streaming platforms... And not to have only American movies, Netflix offers this time a very French series with Tayc and Shirine Boutella.

The pitch of the romantic comedy is without surprise, two people that everything oppose fall under the charm of each other thanks to the magic of Christmas. In this case, they are all opposed.

Shirine Boutella, who was seen in Lupin, is a young journalist who fights sexism thanks to her well-intentioned articles. She has no tongue in cheek and is not shy about cutting her target to ribbons. Moreover, her target of the moment is none other than a rapper in vogue, the famous Marcus. Of course, it is Tayc who plays the singer. To make a name for himself, he surfed on the misogynistic rap, a little violent, like many others. Without being for as much in the daily life.

But this reputation catches up with him and his agent tells him to raise his popularity by starting to sing Christmas songs. Not convinced, Marcus leaves for a walk in town.

It is there that he will meet, in a shopping mall, the young journalist. With whom he will exchange, by inadvertence a bag.

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Full of good feeling, he is going to look for her to give her what belongs to her...

Between love and humor, the series already convinces with its trailer. Of course, it's not great cinema, but it fits well in the festive period of Christmas. And above all, it's quite nice to see new actors on the French scene.