Cobra Kai : some infos about the season 4

cobra kai season 4

Cobra Kai closed the season in a rather abrupt way with a lot of unsolved mysteries. The enmity between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso had faded thanks to their companions. But the presence of John Kreese, Johnny's mentor, was a poison. The Cobra Kai was even under his control.

As a reminder, Cobra Kai is the club in which Johnny played when he was young and which was then managed by Kreese. Years later, he re-founded the club to give it a new (and different) lease of life, but was robbed of his place as master by his mentor.

Season 4 should resolve this story, knowing that Kreese's arc is starting to run out of steam. Appearing in the final episode of season 1, his presence has been a bit of a mixed bag.

Season 4 will bring a new protagonist: Terry Silver

This new season should bring a new protagonist. Or rather a new antagonist to our two heroes and to the young generation. It will be Terry Silver. The co-founder of the Cobra Kai dojo is coming. By the way, it was to him that the phone call at the end of season 3 was intended. What will be his intentions? No one knows it but the producers. His role will be always assured by the same actor, a habit of the series.

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This announcement also comes with the certainty that he will have an important role in the development of the story and that he will not be there to be an extra.

As for the release date of this new season, nothing is announced yet. We know for sure that the scenes are all in the box with a shooting having stopped in April. It remains to edit everything. On the side of Netflix, we announce the end of 2021, a reasonable time....